About Us

Swon & Company was inspired by the idea of a small business partnering with other small businesses, offering consumers a single place to support a diverse array of artisans and creators.

During a family vacation, we discovered a store that had just opened. It was a small business collaborating with various others to offer a wide range of products. This concept of a central hub supporting multiple small enterprises resonated with me. While the idea of opening a physical store wasn't immediately appealing, I held onto this innovative approach for the future.
In September 2022, a revisit to this favorite store during another vacation sparked an idea: what if we could take this concept of supporting small businesses online? This would enable us to highlight the incredible stories behind these businesses and their products.
I shared this idea with my family, who were excited about the venture and the opportunity to support small businesses as a family. This also opened up possibilities for them to contribute creatively to our product range.
After consulting with my sister, who has retail experience, and friends who own a successful small brick-and-mortar business, I felt confident we could make this a reality.
Thus, Swon & Company was born. We launched our online store on February 10, 2023. Since then, we've been continuously partnering with amazing small businesses, sharing their stories alongside Swon & Company's exclusive products. We're excited to offer this unique blend and make gift-giving easy and meaningful.
Thank you for your support, and welcome to Swon & Company. We're on a mission to make gift-giving—and treating yourself—a delightful experience, all while empowering an entire network of incredible artisans and creators.
Discover, shop, and elevate the every day with us!
Darcy Swon
Swon & Company